Below, a cozy evening at Whitebarrel to kick off spring 2019

Above, Cocobolo at the Floyd County Fair

 Above,Cocobolo at Floyd Yoga Jam festival


Cocobolo at Valhallia Vineyards

Here we are below celebrating sending our first CD, “Whipped Cream On Top” off for production.Left to right, T.G. Williams (percussion), Bobby Dillard (lead guitar), Stella Trudel (vocals, guitar), Christopher Luster (electric stand up bass).

CD Back Cover



“Falling Rock”

“Another Line”

“Green Thumb”

Our CD, “Whipped Cream On Top” is ready! They’ll be for sale at shows for $10 or we’ll be glad to ship for $12 to cover shipping and handling.  For mail order, please make check out to Bob Dillard and be sure to include your shipping address. Mail to Bovine Productions, 314 Fork Dr. NE Floyd, Va. 24091 and we’ll send you one right out. Thanks!



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